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Afghan Kabob Restaurant

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Afghan Kebob Restaurant

Afghan Cuisine

Afghan cuisine is based on crops of the region, mainly wheat, maize, rice and barley, supplemented by fruit and various vegetables. Popular dishes include rice, curry, mantu (steamed dumpling stuffed with beef) and a variety of kebobs.

Afghan food is well spiced but neither too hot nor pungent, which contributes to the wonderful medley of flavors.

Meals are eaten with the right hand, using flat crusty bread as a scoop. Bread is eaten with just about everything.


About Munir

Inspired by his passion for food, Munir’s culinary career began early on. After migrating from Afghanistan at a young age, he sought opportunities to develop his own creativity.

His passion for food expanded while living and working in Europe. It was there where he extended his skills while working at various fine dining establishments. After working under fifteen different restaurant owners and franchisees, Munir recently made the move to open his own restaurant, using his 35 years of expertise making a variety of his famous kabobs.